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like a sally in a rock, I'll bend in the wind

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eew Jun. 24th, 2005 @ 08:04 pm
lol i'm at liz's and I just made my journal really really ugly hahaha
feeling: boredheeee
music: stars - elevator, elevator, take me home...

hah. Jun. 8th, 2005 @ 02:47 pm
Wow, not been here in awhile.

I wish I could remember how to change my colors and things...poop.
feeling: discontentbaa.
music: dervish

Dec. 26th, 2004 @ 10:17 pm
(Okay I did the shameful thing and copied from my xanga...I even copied the now playing! lol)

Currently Playing
By Lunasa
see related
- Laffert's/Crock of Gold/Lady Birr/Abbey Reel (oo who wrote it all out, lol)

note: I apologize in advance for this inconceivably long post...my longest to date, perhaps??  maybe even longer than Lunasa, and Donogh slide show!?? okay well eat some...

okay well...all I can say to sum up my hectic, uncool, and very cold Christmas eve and Christmas eve-eve (er?) is...omg.  Okay so, I was at Dad's in H-boro, and there was an ice storm on Wednesday night.  I went to bed on Wednesday night at about 10-ish, and I woke up at around 1 am to find everything pitch black.  Hmm, I thought, what silly man turned out all the lights so early (ha, ha)?  So I yell to wee in the other room, "Hey fatty, why is it so dark?" and he says, "The power went out about midnight" and I'm like, er okay, whatever.  He was online cos he was on my laptop which still had some battery juice on it. so...guess what?...are you ready for this...CLIMACTIC STATEMENT!!!!....

the power is still out.

Yes, it has been, what - wednesday night, all of thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, and my dad's house(trailor, mind you) has no power.  This means, no light, no HEAT!!!!, and no water because the Highland County water co or w/e has no electricity either, and therefore cannot pump water to the city.  My dad has not had a shower since Tuesday.  and it is colder inside the house/trailor than it is outside, or at least it felt like it to me, but that may be because it's supposed to be cold outside so it at least felt naturalish...but omg, we spent two nights in like a 16 degree house...I have tasted true misery...and my flipping stupid grandmother won't get them out of the house, either.  There are shelters around because 90% of the county is out of power - like 900,000 people!!!!!!  all those people, freezing and waterless, on Christmas day!!! Doesn't that suck!!?!??!?! Okay maybe it doesn't sound very extreme written down, but you try sleeping on a freezing couch when it's less than 20 degrees in the house and there is no water, which means no teeth brushing, no toilet flushing (that rhymes), no warm comfy bed to escape to at the end of a tiresome day (tiresome at dad's means being online for a minimum of 6 hours running, and our max amount of activity is going to Frische's) but still...omg it sucked so bad and I feel horrible for everyone there...we went to bed at 6:30 because it was so dark that we couldn't see to do anything else, and it was so boring too...and I slept that night from about 9 to ten to 2 am and didn't go back to sleep again, but wee and dad and I just lied in our beds and talked (our beds/respective couches are so positioned in the trailor that we can all talk without being in the same room)...so that was my Christmas eve and Christmas eve-eve...I was so happy to see mum when she came to rescue us, I've never been happier to see anyone in my life...except maybe Donogh..lol

well er aside from my near-death (if death is extreme discomfort and indignance) experience...I got a digital camera for xmas!!! YAY!!!!!!!  And I am already looking forward to taking pictures of Donogh on it when I next see him, which will be...a long time. lol but I have to hope for something, non?

Also, having said camera for the unspeakably long period of two days means I have buttloads of pics...I might not post them all but I have seriously got like 50, which is a lot, kind of...maybe not?..maaa

these are from xmas day, at Liz's, who is faring quite well, lol OKAY does anyone get the feeling I am talking very silly today!?!

if these are big, I'm sorry, and they're all prolly going to be like the exact same size cos I just went through and resized them to 40% of their original size...

by the way I have just added 3 pages to my photobucket and I have not even finished uploading pics, lol!! or "unloading" as HP has so artistically decided to say


she's dead...CLEAR!

look, fatso on christmas morning, holding up one of his awesom-o lampos that he got

and also wearing his super-cool Led Zeppelin hat that I so awesomely picked out, kind of, even though it was the only one Hot Topic had..

he got a mini amp too, regardez, him with his 'baby' and his, er new baby, literally, ha, as in, amp is small, baby, okay shut up

with the aforementioned hat lying on the ground, already forgotten..

what an old man...okay these are all definitely huge, I will work on making my pics smaller, maybe

awww look..it's me on xmas, curled up and kind of tired, possibly?  got up at 6:40am to open presents, and for the first time in like 8 years, I got up before wee! HA!

I hope the vast majority of people who come here don't have dial-up, so things load faster...omg I'm in like dumb-mode and I can't explain why lol

lol this is..nice

as is this, lol


and notice cool shirt, matches cool hat...he's just a...cool cat! lol.

and see, for past photography's sake...

okay here are some pics of my dad's place

check out the grass - every individual blade was coated in ice...it looked like green beans, I though, lol

this is my favorite pic...leaves coated in ice, mmm

so as you might be able to tell from these pics, Hillsboro got like 2cm of snow...exciting...but everything was coated in like an inch of ice so...yeah

Today, mum, wee, and I took 9 gallons of Kerosene to their house, which is 2 hours away...long drive ish...and this is an exciting picture that I took on the way home, just out of boredome.  I just took like 8 minures MINUTES to type that because I can't type today

and here are some poop drums that someone in our church donated to wee-matt-mason-ben's band Shut Down (lol)

the sign says "Do not touch! Not tuned!  Will Damage if played!"  I don't think it would really damage them but they just didn't want kids coming up and messing with them, they're in the church's school gym..and they added some percussion pieces themselves which I thought was amusing, ici

bongos! lol.

and look, I took pictures of my cool self because I am so...cool

lol this one is retarded


omg okay I am done - sorry!!! lol!!!  I promise (maybe) I'll never post that many pics ever again...maybe it is not even that much??..oh well..

feeling: artistic
music: I already said, dingbat (lol weirdo)

babababababababababababababababababababa Dec. 22nd, 2004 @ 06:25 pm


Liz got her surgery yesterday...!!!!!  I wonder how she doth fare

I am tired of my xanga a la moment, parce que Liz is gone and fatty(lara) est en vacances alors...je suis ici!  too much french for one sentence

scat cat!

have some john. lol

rinky tinky tinky!  Everybody wants to be a cat, cos a cat's the only cat, who knows where it's at...non, I think I am not a cat and I definiteloodles know where it'sATTT!

it's right myarr

yes thank thank you Liz Liz for that. that.  je t'aime

and look at my awesome possum, not, photography.  Actually it is kind of cool cattish.

gosh I am bored, let's do random picture from page 10 of my p'bucket

and look who it happens to be!!!...

omg there is guy overload on this page - this is the page where Donogh and Claire's picture are, also John McSherry and his bonnie guitarist...and then there is a picture of me wearing party hats over my rack..??? not posting, sorry, lol

look, just to keep us on the same man track -

dost thou spot my lad? sigh. wow, this must be horribly boring to read, non? all I ever talk about is - nothing! and post pictures of Donogh, and now sam, lol.  I hate it when people talk about how boring the post is, thus I am a hypocrite.  perhaps I should die?  Or maybe just shut up and continue posting useless pics?

but he's just so...mmmfhgsashgsdjfag   lol that says "fag", no he is not so "fag," he is manly and I love him..


okay I really am sorry, lol

OKAY I'M DONE I SWEAR lol.  maybe I should sterffit



feeling: energeticlol what a FACE!
music: nonsensical tv music, ie poo

hagagaga Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 04:24 am

yes okay liz but livejournal does not have the little picturee of the album cover...now does it, MRAA!!!

okay yes I know it is annoying when people post lyrics but read up, it's beautiful...

Sleep, why wake me with these dreams that you bring?
Dreams came to me where I lay
Deep the melody the wild waves sing
My love is far, far away

  Pity the heart, the wild waves part
  My love sails the bonnie barque the Bergen

They heap their nets upon the decks by the light
Dreams came to me where I lay
Then creep out gentle in the dead of night
My love is far, far away

  Pity the heart, the wild waves part
  My love sails the bonnie barque the Bergen

They reap their harvest from the cold night sea
Dreams came to me where I lay
It reeks with herring in the hold for me
My love is far, far away

  Pity the heart, the wild waves part
  My love sails the bonnie barque the Bergen

Steep waves ride above his cold fair head
Dreams came to me where I lay
Keep him safe to lie here in my bed
My love is far, far away

  Pity the heart, the wild waves part
  My love sails the bonnie barque the Bergen

It weeps with rain tonight where my love lies
Dreams came to me where I lay
Oh wipe the foreign sand from out of his eyes
My love is far, far away

  Pity the heart, the wild waves part
  My love sails the bonnie barque the Bergen

the sound of taransay




feeling: happysigh...
music: tannahill weavers - the bergen
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» (No Subject)
okay livejournal sucks lol

well no not really but...I only like lj because my interests are the funnest thing in the world so...I will try to keep going with this but...expect little, lol
» long time no seeeeeep
so much for not being able to keep up with my entries


» even more pictures...hoorah

lol liz...can't keep up with my updates nerry..and Brian I saw your comments lol

OKAY who wants to see pictures...I put these in my xanga so if you've gone there in the past er day, then these are a repeat...talking to much

and there are a lot of pictures so...deal with it, lol.  the first ones are pics of street signs around my dad's neighborhood that I thought were cool so..

 slow children...like me? lol

variation of above sign:

other atrocities around the neighborhood included:


here is my very fat brother lol

wee's eye

my eye

 how exciting lol...and it looks green...wtf mate


yours truly

 lol that is silly

here's one that I thought was kind of bad normally but looked cool in b&w

okat that's all for now but I might put more later...gotta go eat something mmmm

» where have they gone...
no one is leaving me any comments!!!!! Here or my xanga!!! it makes me sad

shhh...if you can sit tight, there might be a whole freaking lot of pictures coming...SOON! lol.
» broken clock...tres uncool

my computer clock has said 12:01 for the past hour...what is the problem here??  I have been sitting here thinking, oh wow, time sure goes slow when you've got nothing to do but go internetting!  wow, that is very silly.

hot picture

omg I think I am going to explode it is so gorgeous!!!!! mmmm...Donogh, I mean...and that is my Clairey there, in his arms - jealousy!!  But she deserves to be there *sigh*

Are there no little smileys in this el pathetico livejournal place???? actually no I rather like my lj...but xanga is tres cooler

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